The YAMA(Young Audiences Music Award) has been approved for financial support by the JMI Board in Jan-08 and is a pilot version of an award show that is going to take place on the Internet. We are looking for professional music productions focused on live performances for young audiences.
Every JMI member section is kindly requested to send in a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 productions which differ in style, target/age group and size of ensemble. This difference could be for example in age, largeness of group or different target group. You can decide for yourself where the difference should be in. The film should take 10 to 15 minutes. It has to be a life performance where the audience is shown. This is because then the jury can check if the production is focused on young audiences.


It is very important that we receive a lot of music productions!!
You can decide for yourself how and where to look for the productions. You could for example set up an own award show.  You could send in production of JM (Jeunesses Musicales) from your country or you could look for other YA Music Productions.
After all JMI member sections productions have been received, the international jury will choose 5 nominees. The videos will be cut professionally and will be placed on the Internet.
All JMI member sections can and are kindly asked to vote. Each will have 5 votes to give; the favourite receives 5 points, the next 4 points and so on. The winner will be announced in a special ceremony during the JMI AGA in Ankara in September 2008.

The 5 nominees will receive media attention. They will be the YAMA Ambassadors and used as an example for the official version of the YAMA.
After the pilot version we will evaluate the YAMA in October. The working group of Young Audiences will evaluate the JMI member sections through survey; they will present the out coming to the board. If the board finds the pilot version successful the official version will follow.

So look for professional and excellent music productions focusing on young audiences and families! It is very important that music productions for young audiences receive media attention; normally they do their important work in a complete media shadow. This way young people can broaden their knowledge and other music productions will be stimulated!  

 Objectives of the YAMA

  • To promote professional Live Music productions dedicated for young audiences and families
  • Attract media attention for their active promotion
  • Emphasize the important work they do for new generations of music-lovers; consumers, concert-goers and musicians
  • To promote the nominees and the winner
  • Encouraging other musicians and music productions to present themselves towards young audiences and families

 Why is YAMA important – and why should YOU participate?

  • Jeunesses Musicales International is the world’s leading network for providing children and young people with live music experiences, which may positively affect them for the rest of their lives.
  • There is no or very limited interest from the media to cover such pursuits. YAMA can help change this perception and thereby promote this work towards local, national and international media.
  • YAMA intends also to create awareness of the importance of young audience concerts among musicians and ensembles at large – thereby inspiring more young audience and family productions on the highest artistic levels
This can only be done with YOUR dedicated and active assistance and cooperation!


The 5 nominee’s videos will be presented on a dedicated website together with information on each group. The JMI members will be invited to cast their vote. The winning production will be presented during the JMI AGA in Ankara, Turkey. The winning production team will receive a cash prize of € 2.000 to invest in future productions. The YAMA and its winner will be actively promoted to national and international media.

The video recordings should contain a target group description and an explanation of the production. The videos + information should be send in VHS/DVD format to:

T.a.v. Stichting Jeugd en Muziek
Recht Boomssloot 9 huis
1011 CR Amsterdam
The Netherlands

For more informatione-mail: info@jeugdenmuziek.nl
Or call to: 0031-20-6220183

Youth and Music foundation Holland
Recht Boomssloot 9 huis
1011 CR Amsterdam
020 - 622 01 83
e-mail: info@jeugdenmuziek.nl